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Welcome to One World Week 2015!

One World Week is now its 20th year! As well as being the largest
student-run festival, it is also arguably one of the most inclusive.
Reflecting the diversity of cultures and opportunities on campus, it
aims to give students the opportunity to showcase their efforts while
encouraging them to reflect about issues that affect our One World.

One World Week is comprised of five elements (Days, Nights, Forums,
Conferences and Sports). Over the course of six days, the campus will
come alive through a series of debates and discussions, performances,
sporting tournaments and events as well as cultural exhibitions and
workshops. This year, there are new events such as Performance Day:
Showbiz! as well as old favourites such as the World Party and Fashion
Show. Our teams have put in much effort into organising this series of
week-long events.

We invite you to explore what One World Week has to offer through this
booklet. We look forward to welcoming you to One World Week 2015
from Monday 26th January to Saturday 31st January 2015!

Joanne Ong, Luisa Piu & Elaine Meskhi
One World Week Coordinators 2015